Sport scholarships in the USA

Sport Scholarships in the USA

You would like to continue playing your sport seriously and at the same time finish a professional education successfully?

You would like to study abroad, but you have no clue how to pay for it?

You are a student at a university already and you try to combine your sport with your study?

You want to study abroad for one year after your "Abitur", "A-Level", "Matura" or high school graduation?


If you answer one of the questions with yes, we can help you. We want to help you to live your dream to study the subject you would like to and at the same time play your sport on a high level. For some of you this will even be a opportunity to become a professional in your sport, but for most of you, it will simply be the best time of your life!!! Use the opportunity and apply for a sport scholarship in the land of opportunity!


August 7th, 2016:

Our athlete Max just started his journey and took his flight to Sterling, CO, to be part of the Northeastern Plainsmen soccer team. Have the time of your life, Max, and enjoy every minute of it!

June 12th, 2016:

Our athlete Sina signed the National Letter of Intent for the New Mexico State University and will be part of the NM State Aggies starting in August. Congratulation!


May 14th, 2016:

Our athlete Hannah signed her Letter of Intent for the Frank Phillips College and will be part of the Lady Plainsmen Softball team starting in August. Congratulations!